SIBUR Corporate University accredited by CLIP


Warm congratulations to SIBUR Corporate University for successfully completing the EFMD Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) and receiving CLIP accreditation.

CLIP is a unique accreditation programme run by EFMD that focuses on identifying the key factors that determine quality in the design and functioning of corporate universities and corporate learning functions. The process provides an impartial outside-in view for the accredited learning function.

SIBUR is the largest integrated petrochemicals company in Russia. SIBUR Corporate University is extremely committed to the advancement of chemistry, engineering and leadership skills. They are deeply involved in the educational sector of Russia to raise educational standards in engineering and job readiness skills.

Martin Moehrle, Director of Corporate Services and of CLIP at EFMD, congratulates SIBUR Corporate University (SCU) under the leadership of its head Marina Derevleva for its successful CLIP accreditation: ‘The peer review team was particularly impressed by the sense of ownership of the SCU agenda by SIBUR’s top management, by SCU’s engagement with the educational sector in Russia, by its ability to virtualize learning delivery in the pandemic, by SIBURINTECH, the new engineering centre of excellence in Siberia, by the proximity of its L&D partners to the business, and by the strong development of SIBUR’s exploitation capabilities. We are looking forward to the continued engagement of SCU in the CLIP community.’

Rustam Galiakhmetov, Managing Director, Corporate University, Technical Committee commented, ‘For us, the work to build an effective corporate learning system is a cross-functional task for the entire company. The international commission noted the involvement of all levels of the organization in the formation of a self-learning culture. Only together we can make the learning process in the company effective, coherent and comprehensible.’

Marina Derevleva, Head of Corporate University added, ‘For us, the CLIP Quality System accreditation of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) is primarily an opportunity to receive structured feedback from the best international experts on the quality of processes and products of SIBUR Corporate University. The way from the decision to obtaining accreditation till now was very evolving for us, as at each stage we asked ourselves the question: “Are we estimable, can we afford to apply for the status of an accredited university?”

The fact that our results and our projects have been assessed by an international commission and recognized as complying with best practices is a credit to all those involved in creating a culture of continuous learning and development at SIBUR:

  • The top team, which supports and participates in every SIBUR educational initiative;
  • The Corporate University team, who are both internal training consultants and heads of developing educational solutions projects, as well as Business-process managers who optimize and simplify the company’s training processes, trainers and facilitators of training programs, and analysts and economists who understand the effects of training programs on the business;
  • trainers and mentors who combine employee training and spreading the best practices and unique expertise quickly;
  • experts from companies and functions who create training products together with the Corporate University;
  • our partners, who help to implement best international practices, develop and implement educational solutions, and integrate staff requirements into training programs at universities and colleges;

and many more participants in SIBUR’s corporate training ecosystem.

Along with being proud of this success, we have a great responsibility to improve our practices in accordance with the commission’s recommendations. And this is great because when there is nothing to improve and develop, it gets a bit depressing, and this is not about SIBUR. Once again I congratulate the entire SIBUR team on this success.’

SIBUR Corporate University joins a community of CLIP accredited organisations which also includes ArcelorMittalBI InstituteBNI Corporate UniversityCapgemini UniversityEDF GroupEDP – Energy of PortugalENGIEFaurecia University, Grupo SantanderMazarsMetro AGMLP Finanzberatung SENaturgy, OCP S.A.Pertamina Corporate UniversityPSA GroupRepsolSberbank Corporate UniversitySaint-GobainSiemens AG, and Telkom Indonesia.

About CLIP

The CLIP assessment process covers all the essential dimensions of the corporate university’s deployment within a company: the alignment of its mission and operational objectives with corporate strategy, the effectiveness of its governance and internal management systems, its ability to address key issues of concern to the business units, the programme design process, the overall coherence of the programme portfolio, the quality of delivery and the impact of the activities of the corporate university on individual and organisational learning. CLIP combines internal self-assessment against a set of rigorous standards drawn up by leading members of the corporate learning community with external review by peers from the CLIP community.

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