2021 CERALE-EGADE Business School Colloquium

CERALE-EGADE 2021 Colloquium

Global Challenges and technological, business, and social response strategies in the Americas and Europe

We are pleased to announce the 2021 CERALE-EGADE Business School Colloquium that will take place online

22, 23 and 24 September 2021

Under the theme “Global Challenges and technological, business, and social response strategies in the Americas and Europe.” The three-day programme will address the following 11 business topics:

  1. Management intercultural
  2. International dynamics
  3. Finance and macroeconomics
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Leadership and governance
  6. Managing family businesses
  7. Social innovation and sustainability
  8. Responsible marketing and distribution
  9. Politics and public administration in the digital age
  10. Global and local value chains
  11. Innovation ecosystems

The 2021 Colloquium is part of a context marked by the pandemic generated by COVID 19 and its multiple macro and microeconomic, human, social and environmental effects. New technologies that have transformed in just a few decades the functioning of the economy and markets, the way of governing and exercising politics, the dynamics of organisations and the very lives of individuals have proved crucial in dealing with crises, providing creative solutions, and opening ways of recovery. The anti-virus strategy has made virtuality an extremely effective tool to overcome the spatial barriers imposed to counteract its spread and thus accelerated an ongoing process, deeply reshaping ways of operating and interacting in and between organisations.

At the same time, being the spread of unequal technology between continents and within countries, the global crisis (health, economic, social, and environmental) has precipitated economic sectors and vast segments of the world’s population into recession and poverty, deepening the phenomenon of social exclusion.

As far as the international stage is concerned, great uncertainty prevails that makes resilience and adaptation strategies more necessary than ever, the use of technology and forward-looking thinking that, in both governments and organisations, lead to new forms of relationship to meet the challenges that arise.

Problems and changes fueled by the global crisis

This colloquium aims to see how the above-mentioned problems and changes, enhanced by the global crisis, impact the way we innovate and manage in the European and American environments. The colloquium will lead to an interdisciplinary dialogue in the field of management and its different levels of analysis. By bringing together professors and researchers from both sides of the Atlantic, their goal is to continue to forge a scientific community willing to share new theoretical approaches, review existing paradigms, confront them, and contrast them with new realities, favouring research in management nurtured by them. The 2021 Colloquium aims to constitute a space for exchange and learning and to go beyond academic boundaries to contribute to the dialogue between the various actors (economic, institutional, and social) of both continents.

Previous colloquia’s have demonstrated the usefulness of these scientific meetings for higher education institutions as they help to reflect on the relevance of research and academic content and to generate conceptual and empirical responses to the challenges of both regions.

Main theme

The thematic axis chosen will highlight the impact of new technologies on the resolution of global crises. Emphasis will be placed on economic and social changes in organizations (the factory of the future, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, big data, the circular economy, women’s access to organizations), markets and consumption models (transition from a cumulative economy to a participatory economy). Efforts will be made to illustrate the role of new technologies in reducing or widening the digital divide between countries and within them and to discuss the individual’s place in the on-the-fly digital revolution. It will discuss to what extent the changes and innovations in process are capable of placing, the bi-continental relationship on a sustainable trajectory, considering the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental.

Call for submissions

Authors are invited to submit an extended structured abstract with a maximum of 1000 words. Submissions are accepted in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Submissions deadline: Wednesday, 30 June 2021

The best proposals and cases selected by the Scientific Committee will be published in special issues of International Management and Management Research.