Initial EFMD Programme Accreditation awarded to the Faculty of International Business, Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences & CFVG – French-Vietnamese Centre for Management Education

Warmest congratulations to the Faculty of International Business, Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences (FIB) and CFVG – French-Vietnamese Centre for Management Education for having successfully completed the EFMD Programme Accreditation process for their programmes.

The Faculty of International Business, Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Lauren Uğur, Dean of the Faculty of International Business, commented on this achievement: ‘The EFMD accreditation represents a gratifying recognition of our degree program International Business, Intercultural Studies (IBIS), and underscores the motivations of all those involved in realising this success. On behalf of my Executive Board, we would like to express our sincere thanks to them and, of course, to EFMD.’

The Bachelor Degree in International Business – Intercultural Studies (IBIS) is an academically solid and coherent programme that provides its students with innovative teaching methods, good support services & employability. Thanks to the faculty’s significant practical experience and involvement in the professional world, the programme’s connection with the world of practice are robust. FIB’s state-of-the-art facilities provide the faculty with IT hardware, software and support, which have proved effective during the pandemic and are supporting initiatives to introduce blended and online learning into the programme.

CFVG – French-Vietnamese Centre for Management Education

The Master of Economics, Banking & Finance (MEBF) focuses on Financial Services and Banking and covers all contemporary aspects of these two critical areas for Vietnam. Through CFVG’s signature ‘Focus Hours’, the programme provides graduates with the opportunity to interact and gain insights from today’s leaders in the industry.  The programme, combined with CFVG’s unique institutional framework and international ambition, places the school in a unique position to provide Vietnam with the pool of talent that it currently needs due to fast economic growth. This is the second accredited programme for CFVG.

‘We are delighted to welcome CFVG, Master of Economics, Banking and Finance & the Bachelor in Economics – Accounting, Audit and Financial Management of the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade to the pool of EFMD Accredited Programmes. This achievement illustrates the schools’ commitment to the continuous quality improvement of their programme,’ commented Barbara Sporn, Director of EFMD Programme Accreditation.

During the same accreditation board the following institutions were also granted the EFMD Programme Accreditation:

About EFMD Programme Accreditation

EFMD Accredited is a thorough programme accreditation system for business and/or management degrees and courses, including face-to-face, blended and online provisions. It constitutes a benchmark for what is considered an internationally recognised and peer-reviewed programme.

The accreditation covers all facets of programme provision: from its institutional, national and international environment, through its design, delivery, outcomes and impacts, to its quality assurance processes. EFMD Accredited emphasises academic rigour, practical relevance, internationalisation, and ethics and sustainability.

EFMD programme accreditation helps you strive for excellence in an ongoing improvement process following each accreditation or re-accreditation visit.

Currently, there are 123 EFMD Accredited programmes from 91 institutions in 37 countries.

Find out more about EFMD Accredited in this latest Global Focus article, “EFMD Programme Accreditation: Past, Present and Future” by Barbara Sporn, Robert Galliers and Jens Petter Tøndel, or visit our website.