ESSCA School of Management’s MOOC re-certified by EOCCS


Warm congratulations to ESSCA School of Management for their recent EOCCS re-certification of the MOOC Creative Box!

ESSCA School of Management is a fully independent, self-contained, not-for-profit organisation operating over eight different campuses, with a presence also in Budapest and Shanghai.

The school’s strategic plan focuses on online learning to strengthen the school’s position in its markets. The institution equally aims at developing a digital campus, in which way, they’re efficiently addressing the crisis.

Keith Pond, EOCCS Director, said: ‘We’re happy to extend the rigorous online course certification to the MOOC Creative Box. ESSCA places utmost importance on innovation, impact and quality assurance of learning and is set to explore new teaching and learning ways.

We commend the school for their flexible mindset in designing the online course while keeping in mind the international composition of its audience. The MOOC is part of the school’s strategic initiative and we wish them the best in continuing keeping their faculty on board and expanding their portfolio of online courses.’

The MOOC Creative Box was designed as a stand-alone course in 2015 to help learners exploit and improve their creativity and innovation potential. The course focuses on how to create and launch an innovation by associating methods from design, marketing and creative thinking.

Creative Box is now integrated in the 1st year of the school’s Master in Management in a blended learning format where it serves as a support to go further in the different concepts studied in the classroom.

The course, managed by committed, enthusiastic and passionate course team members, has a well-structured pedagogical format and good theoretical foundations. It equally enjoys a good balance of creativity and practice with a close provision of academic support.

Jean Charroin, Dean, ESSCA School of Management, commented on the recent success: ‘ESSCA is very proud of being once more certified by EOCCS, the highest quality label for online delivery courses in business. Thanks to EFMD’s state-of-the-art knowledge on the topic, and the years of extensive benchmarking, this award recognises the value participants derive from the Creative Box MOOC. Advice received from the review team will no doubt help ESSCA fine-tune its expanding online portfolio of courses.’

EFMD Online Course Certification System

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