EFMD Programme Re-Accreditation of four business school programmes

It is our pleasure to announce that the following programmes have been re-accredited with EFMD Programme Accreditation:

Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
– BSc Programme Set: BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Business Management, BSc (Hons) International Hotel Management, BSc (Hons) International Tourism Management

EMBS Consortium: Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France / Universität Kassel, Germany / Università di Trento, Italy / Universidad de León, Spain
European Master in Business Studies (EMBS)

Mediterranean School of Business, South Mediterranean University, Tunisia
Undergraduate Programme in Management

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland
Finance Programme (Bachelor level)

EFMD programme accreditation is a rigorous tool for assessing, certifying and improving the quality of business school programmes. Such accreditation can help bring greater clarity and recognition to all stakeholders regarding what constitutes an internationally recognised and peer-reviewed programme.

Barbara Sporn, EFMD Programme Accreditation Director, commented on the recent achievements: ‘Congratulations to all the institutions for their accomplishments. The programme accreditation of EFMD is one of the most demanding yet effective ways to certify the quality of a programme in the field of business and management. This achievement confirms the schools’ commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.’

Sheffield Business School (SBS)

Sheffield Business School (SBS) is part of Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), which entertains good connections with the local business ecosystem, thus enhancing its graduates’ high employability. In particular, SBS is well-connected with the local and regional corporate ecosystem, specifically in the tourism and hospitality industries.

The school’s mission is well aligned with that of the university, as expressed by the motto ‘Transform lives.’ SBS uses an applied learning approach for a large undergraduate and postgraduate programme portfolio that meets the needs of the job market.

The BSc Programme Set has a strong professional orientation. All programmes are focused on preparing students for a first job in the industries of Tourism, Hotel Management, or Hospitality – the school’s key areas of expertise.

‘Sheffield Business School’s re-accreditation by EFMD’s Programme Accreditation provides a global benchmark for the quality of our teaching and learning, the excellence of our student experience, and our efforts to continuously improve and innovate. We are particularly proud of the efforts we have taken to diversify and internationalise our flagship programmes and the personal support we offer to our students throughout their journey with Sheffield Business School. Staff and students are delighted with this achievement,’ commented Eileen McAuliffe, Dean, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University.

European Master in Business Studies (EMBS)

The European Master in Business Studies (EMBS) is a four-country, four-university joint degree programme designed and implemented for over 13 years by the EMBS Consortium: Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France; Universität Kassel, Germany; Università di Trento, Italy and Universidad de León, Spain.

The EMBS is a truly international and distinctive programme useful for gaining more international exposure to students, faculty and all Consortium institutions.
Students’ personal and professional development is enhanced by a unique set of transferable skills that boost their employability. The Peer Review team commends the engaged and committed, dynamic faculty who have clear ownership of the programme; strong alumni commitment and enhanced ERS across the programme.

Claire Salmon, Dean, IAE Savoie Mont Blanc, commented: ‘This 5-year re-accreditation is both an achievement and an impulse to move beyond our current program. Getting this recognition is so motivating and we expect it will be so helpful in improving communication of our programme!’

Mediterranean School of Business

Mediterranean School of Business is part of the South Mediterranean University (SMU), sharing with its parent university the vision to become a regional hub of excellence and inspiration for Tunisia’s university system. With a very good national reputation, the school constantly aims to differentiate its offering and positioning. The school operates based on values of excellence, entrepreneurship, innovation and responsible leadership.

The Undergraduate Programme in Management (UPM) was created in partnership with three American universities (Babson College, Moore School of Business and UMass) and right from the start, the school decided to choose internationalisation as one of its main priorities. The programme aims are focused on academic excellence, persuasive communication, personal development, critical thinking and active citizenship.

The programme enjoys a strong engagement of an enthusiastic and dedicated faculty with high-quality students, maintains well-built partnerships with the world of practice and a strong sensitivity to ERS issues with responsible management practices and a ‘Green Campus’ initiative.

Leila Triki, Dean, Mediterranean School of Business, said: ‘EFMD accreditation renewal marks yet another important milestone for our institution, showing the results of our continuous efforts. This achievement has clearly only been made possible thanks to the full engagement in quality improvement of our faculty and staff.  EFMD accreditation transmits a clear message of excellence towards our students, alumni, academic and corporate partners. We are proud of being part of this elite group of business schools worldwide.’

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (WUEB)

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (WUEB) is a public university operating in a highly competitive environment. WUEB has a rich tradition of scientific research, particularly in economics, finance and management. The institution supports their students through internships, engagement of corporate lecturers, and case studies. The faculty is involved as a liaison between the corporate world and the students, and ensures that the development of the programme meets the needs of the world of practice.

The Finance Programme (Bachelor level) has an excellent reputation, being acknowledged as academically rigorous and challenging by students and corporate partners as well as by faculty members. It is continuously evolving, as far as faculty, content and organisational structure are concerned.

Currently, there are 122 EFMD Accredited programmes from 91 institutions in 36 countries. For more information on EFMD Accredited, visit www.efmdglobal.org/efmdaccredited.