Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, LUT School of Business and Management – LUT University and Sheffield Business School – Sheffield Hallam University have their programmes re-accredited

We are delighted to announce that the following programmes have recently gained EFMD Programme Re-Accreditation:

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland

LUT School of Business and Management, LUT University, Finland

Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Barbara Sporn, EFMD Programme Accreditation Director, commented on the recent achievements: ‘I would like to sincerely congratulate all the institutions for their well-earned success. We appreciate their continued perseverance and determination during these uncertain times even more and wish them further accomplishments in the near future. We are pleased to be part of their journey towards continuous excellence.’

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business

The Wroclaw University of Economics and Business ranks among the top economic schools of higher education in Poland and functions as an important centre of science and research, particularly in economics, finance, and management sciences.

The Finance Programme (Master level) is a full-time Master’s degree programme delivered in English. The curriculum is run according to global financial standards and aims towards students with an international focus and interest in financial markets and management.

‘We are very proud to receive the “EFMD Accredited” for Finance Programme at the undergraduate level and re-accreditation at the graduate level. We are grateful for the accreditation committee’s assessment and recommendations, which confirmed the high quality of education and indicated directions for further improvement. This significant achievement results from the joint effort and dedication of our academic teachers, administrative staff, students and external stakeholders. The “EFMD Accredited” provides our programme with international recognition and increases its attractiveness,’ noted Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

LUT School of Business and Management, LUT University

The LUT School of Business and Management (LBM) is part of the Lappeenranta- Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and is recognised as a research-intensive higher education institution specialising in Technology and Business. It is also the only Finnish Business School within a University of Technology.

The MSc in International Marketing Management (NIMM) is a two-year Master level programme. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of elements supporting the corporate learning experience. It focuses on gaining expertise in strategic global marketing, digital marketing, international business and value creation in today’s rapidly changing world.  Individual approach as personal study and career plans are part of the learning process.

‘We are delighted to have received a five-year re-accreditation to our Master’s in International Marketing Management (MIMM) Programme. The “EFMD Accredited” indicates that this Programme at LUT School of Business and Management continues to bring together the highest academic excellence with the managerial relevance. It also highlights the significance of our alumni, corporate stakeholders and international networks. This great achievement could not be possible without the true dedication of our faculty, staff and students toward continuous improvement,’ commented Sami Saarenketo, Head, LUT School of Business and Management.

Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Business School (SBS) is part of Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), a large metropolitan university based across two campuses in Sheffield, England. The Business School has retained its position as a separate entity with its strong brand name and is now located within the College of Business, Technology and Engineering.

The MSc International Business Management is a specialist Masters’ degree delivered over 12 months. The programme has a professional orientation and focuses on preparing students for various management roles in international business while using international consultancy projects that provide a global dimension of studying and making fair use of collaborative and teamwork.

‘Sheffield Business School’s re-accreditation by EFMD’s Programme Accreditation provides a global benchmark for the quality of our teaching and learning, the excellence of our student experience, and our efforts to continuously improve and innovate. We are particularly proud of the efforts we have taken to diversify and internationalise our flagship programmes and the personal support we offer to our students throughout their journey with Sheffield Business School. Staff and students are delighted with this achievement,’ commented Eileen McAuliffe, Dean, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University.

About EFMD Programme Accreditation

EFMD Accredited is the most thorough programme accreditation system for business and/or management degrees and courses, including face-to-face, blended and online provisions. It constitutes a benchmark for what is considered an internationally recognised and peer-reviewed programme.

The accreditation covers all facets of programme provision: from its institutional, national and international environment, through its design, delivery, outcomes and impacts, to its quality assurance processes. EFMD Accredited emphasises academic rigour, practical relevance, internationalisation, and ethics and sustainability.

EFMD programme accreditation helps you strive for excellence in an on-going improvement process following each accreditation or re-accreditation visit.

Currently, there are 122 EFMD Accredited programmes from 91 institutions in 36 countries. For more information on EFMD Accredited, visit www.efmdglobal.org/efmdaccredited.