Call for chapters: Global Perspectives on Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education Institutions

Title of the Book: Global Perspectives on Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education Institutions
Publishers: IGI Global
Editors : Hesham Magd, Ph.D and Siraj Kariyilaparambu Kunjumuhammed, Ph.D

An exciting opportunity for experts in the field to share their insights on varied topics of interest on Quality Assurance, Audit, and Accreditation in higher education institutions. We all agree that the higher education landscape is changing. Stakeholders have varied expectations about Higher Education Institutions and their graduates – may it be the employability, curriculum relevance to changing corporate scenario, and integration of disruptive technologies. From being an implicit requirement that is internally addressed, quality assurance activities become an explicit requirement that is regularly audited and appraised by national and international accreditation agencies. HEIs are voluntarily integrating quality management systems (QMS), institutional and program-specific, in response to the political and competitive environment in which it exists. Through its Higher Education department or by creating non-profitable accreditation bodies, many governments have implemented a quality framework for licensing HEIs and continuously review their adherence based on which ‘accreditation status’ granted for HEIs.

Institutional and program accreditation is an assurance of quality. However, such assurance requires HEIs to develop and implement a well-designed quality framework and its implementation. The relevance of converting strategic priorities and implementing them based on strategic and operational plans and their timely monitoring is of utmost importance. We believe that the forthcoming edited book will help higher education institutions to gauge the effectiveness of their quality management framework and provide a guide to contemporary studies on quality assurance. The book will focus upon the critical aspects of quality assurance, the need to develop a concise and agile vision, mission, values, and graduate attributes, and to develop a system that effectively aligns the various activities of the HEI to the attainment of the strategic priorities listed in the institutional plans. Each chapter will cover the various facets of the quality assurance framework and accreditation agencies’ requirements, with practical examples of each.

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