La Trobe Business School, Peter Faber Business School, University of Antwerp, Peking University HSBC Business School and AESE Business School are EFMD re-accredited

We are delighted to announce that the following programmes have recently been re-accredited with EFMD Programme Accreditation.

La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University, Australia

Peter Faber Business School, Australian Catholic University, Australia 

Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Peking University HSBC Business School, China

AESE Business School, Portugal

Barbara Sporn, EFMD Programme Accreditation Director, commented on the recent achievements: ‘I would like to warmly congratulate all the institutions that have successfully gone through the EFMD re-accreditation process and confirmed their reputation for high-quality programmes. We appreciate all the effort of the universities and their ability to adapt quickly to the new circumstances when accomplishing the assessment during this unprecedented time. We wish them the best for their continued success.’

La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University

La Trobe University, located in the State of Victoria, Australia, operates seven campuses in the region. The mission of the school is focused on service to the community of Victoria, providing access to proper higher education whilst concentrating on innovative, responsible and engaged approach.

The MBA and MBA (Advanced) programme set is characterised by its flexible nature and strong practical orientation, with its full online version mostly appealing to working professionals. The leadership development programme “Leaders in Lockdown”, recently developed and run by the academics and alumni of the MBA programme, proves the quick adaptability of the school to react to the current circumstances. Its curriculum focuses on evolving the skills critical during the pandemic, such as career re-orientation, self-management, crisis management, individual and organisational resilience.

‘The EFMD-Accredited imprimatur is a satisfying recognition of the years of work that the MBA Programme Director and her team have put in to improve the La Trobe MBA. We are confident in the continuous improvement of our MBA and are grateful for a thorough and thoughtful review of our strengths and weaknesses. EFMD accreditation is a globally-recognised benchmark for excellence and we will use our continued engagement with EFMD to improve further,’ commented Matthew Nicholson, Acting Dean and Head of La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University.

Peter Faber Business School, Australian Catholic University

The Australian Catholic University was established following the merger of four institutions in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. The university is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person and the common good, with academic excellence and service being the core values.

The Bachelor of Commerce is the most extensive undergraduate degree programme offered, with a solid culture of interaction with the charitable and not-for-profit sector, a voluntary service project in the community is part of the degree. The programme also focuses on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and sharpening communication and project management skills.

‘EFMD accreditation provides us with an internationally recognised endorsement of the quality of the content, and systems supporting, our programme. The re-accreditation process consolidated and deeply embedded the global, ethical and practical nature of our programme consistent with the EFMD standards. Feedback via our regular update reports was invaluable in strengthening our programme over the past three years. We look forward to ongoing continuous improvement through our relationship with EFMD Global,” noted Susan Dann, Dean of Peter Faber Business School, Australian Catholic University.

Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp

The Faculty of Business and Economics is one of nine faculties of the University of Antwerp. The university develops, provides access to and disseminates scientific knowledge through research, teaching and academic service to the community and accomplishes these tasks in a spirit of academic freedom and responsibility.

The Bachelor/Master of Science in Business Economics focuses on business economic issues in a methodologically rigorous and effective way, with an ethical reflection on the position of the manager in the current society.

Bachelor/Master of Science in Business Engineering is currently taught primarily in Dutch with plans to introduce a version of the programme in English soon. Some of the recent initiatives of the university are the Climate Change Strategy or the university’s involvement in a start-up “Sustalab” aimed at sustainable engineering and economics.

‘It is great to receive the news that EFMD Global has extended our Programme accreditation for both our Business Economics and Business Engineering Programme for five years. The re-accreditation signifies that both programmes continue to combine high academic quality with practical relevance and reflects our commitment to continuously strive for a combination of academic excellence, international exposure and community engagement. The EFMD Programme re-accreditation is a great achievement that can only be attributed to the joint effort and dedication of our faculty, staff and students, and highlights an increasingly important role for our alumni and corporate stakeholders,’ commented Koen Vandenbempt, Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp.

Peking University HSBC Business School

The Peking University HSBC Business School is one of the eight schools and the largest one of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, being part of Peking University, one of the leading universities in China, located in Shenzhen, China’s first Special Economic Zone.

The Master of Economics is a modular programme, targeting high-quality students from China and overseas, with undergraduate multidisciplinary academic backgrounds. The graduates of the programme can pursue their career in fund companies, government agencies or state-owned enterprises, overseas investment banks, venture capital, as well as in private equity and consulting companies.

‘The re-accreditation of our Master of Economics program by EFMD Global is the recognition of our endeavor of building an elite program. This is a joint achievement with the contribution from all stakeholders, including our faculty, staff, students, alumni, corporate partners, and university administrators. We will continue to build up a top international business school,’ noted Wen HAI, Dean of Peking University HSBC Business School

AESE Business School

AESE, as the first school of Business and Management in Portugal, was founded to focus on Executive Education with a goal of training and improvement of business leaders.

The Executive MBA AESE is a part-time, two-year, six-trimester general management MBA programme designed for working executives. The programme benefits from a flexible and student-focused culture, arising from personal interactions in a small programme, leading to a strong engagement between the students and the faculty. A strong engagement with the world of practice and close links to its large base of alumni are other assets.

‘We are happy that our Executive MBA was EFMD Accredited once again. For AESE Business School it reinforces the vision and strategy we are chasing. We believe that the well-established EFMD Accreditation process and the visit of the Peer Review Team are very insightful and inspiring. The reaccreditation is an excellent global benchmark for the program. But above all it is a safe path in dimensions critical to the consistent development of the school. It is also a project that brings the whole school together and that is good for AESE team. We are grateful for what EFMD has pushed us to grow and strengthen over the years,’ commented Maria de Fátima Carioca, Dean of AESE Business School.

About EFMD Programme Accreditation

EFMD Accredited is the most thorough programme accreditation system for business and/or management degrees and courses, including face-to-face, blended and online provisions. It constitutes a benchmark for what is considered an internationally recognised and peer-reviewed programme.

The accreditation covers all facets of programme provision: from its institutional, national and international environment, through its design, delivery, outcomes and impacts, to its quality assurance processes. EFMD Accredited emphasises academic rigour, practical relevance, internationalisation, and ethics and sustainability.

EFMD programme accreditation helps you strive for excellence in an on-going improvement process following each accreditation or re-accreditation visit.

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