The future of corporate learning facilities

Several members approached EFMD Global for insights into what other companies would do with their dedicated learning facilities during the pandemic and what plans they would have for the time thereafter. Consequently, we ran a quick survey among the EFMD corporate network. 49 respondents shared their views. In summary:

  • There is a large variation in current occupation rates, but on average they are currently down by some 50%.
  • There is a large agreement that the future of learning will be blended, and space requirements will be clearly down compared to a year ago.
  • Many companies plan to digitally upgrade their facilities, if not yet happened, to be a production and diffusion hub for digital learning.
  • Or they seek to enhance the versatility of their learning spaces to serve multiple purposes in addition to being a learning center, e.g. as an innovation lab or a co-working space for agile teams or client engagement.

AIA_CLIP accredited

On 21 October, we ran a Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) Steering Committee roundtable with invited guests to discuss the topic in more depth. AIA’s Gyan Nagpal kicked us off by sharing the current discussion at AIA about the future of its Learning Center in Bangkok. The group agreed that post-pandemic, there will be a re-discovery of the physical space, be it for learning or for work. Its use will be more planful and become a driver of purpose, inclusion, collaboration, and innovation.