Top 3 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the Workplace Forever

Three ways Covid changed the workplace EFMD blog

The coronavirus outbreak at the beginning of the year 2020 has taken the world by storm. With an unexpected turn of events, people have come to the realisation that many things that we considered mandatory previously, can be done rather conveniently. We have been complicating our lives for years and carrying out our works without giving a thought that there can be any other alternative for it, thus, defining a set pattern of everything and blindly following it.

Besides, the Covid-19 situation has been a blessing in disguise for many of us. The break from the mundane, although has shaken the very basis of our lives, but has also exposed us to new directions that we can take to keep up with our lives. Likewise, the workplace culture has been radically altered due to the pandemic. People believed in learning online through download YouTube videos option but working from home was something that people were not willing to opt for. Here are the top 3 changes in the typical concept of workplace that is here to stay longer than we imagine:

Remote Work is a Thing

Earlier, working remotely wasn’t considered to be a sound option. It was believed that working from home while being away from a typical environment can make a person less productive and can affect working progress. Remote working was frowned upon usually a few years back.
However, 2020 has been a gamer changer for remote working culture. Being forced to be locked down at home, people were compelled to work from their homes. In the beginning, it was a rough start since it was something new but now, virtual offices are going really smoothly and people are enjoying this new trend as managing personal and work life has never been so easy. The break from the mundane is refreshing for people. In the wake of the pandemic, remote working has turned out to be a lifesaver for many.

Zoom Meetings are Working Out

The recent pandemic has made it quite clear for us that we can save a lot of the company’s traveling budget and can extend our business ventures and can collaborate beyond borders by carrying out meetings online. Either its zoom or any other platform, it can help you save a lot of expenses, thus, resulting in increased profits.

Although in-person meetings are always the best option for finalising business deals, but virtual meeting tools have also improved over the course of time. Therefore, virtual meetings are going to be a vital part of business ventures even in the post-pandemic workplace.

Three ways Covid has changed way we work_EFMD blog

Flexibility in Working Hours

The notion that a person has to work 9-5 and has to be productive during all these hours has proved to be wrong altogether. Work from home strategy has worked out really well for so many of us. Being able to work from your comfort zone, sitting in your PJs, having a hot mug of coffee by your side keeps all those stressful thoughts away from you thus making you focus more aptly on your work.

The flexibility in working hours and not having to work for consecutive 8 hours is a healthy practice. It reduces stress, keeps one focused on work, it makes you more creative and more productive. Although we have seen hilarious work from home mishaps, where kids come crashing in the home offices or a mom is trying to keep kids from shouting during an office meeting, however, that does not overshadow the ease it has brought and availability of time to spend with family. The benefits it offers are new and were unexpected for us all.


The world has changed for good. Workplace culture was associated with many other problems such as pollution caused by traffic, increased traveling expenses, work pressure, lack of time, not being able to spend quality time with family, and had so many turn-offs and was keeping people in a constant grind, thus making our lives less lively and hectic.

A sudden stop to all the hassle was much needed for all of us. The calamity that coronavirus has brought is undeniable, but we cannot ignore the positive change it has brought into our lives. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Covid-19 outbreak has changed the workplace forever!