EPAS Accreditation awarded to Toulouse School of Management, Toulouse 1 Capitole University

We are delighted to announce the initial EPAS accreditation of the Master in Finance & the Doctoral Programme in Management of Toulouse School of Management (TSM), Toulouse 1 Capitole University.

As an international programme accreditation system, EPAS aims to evaluate the quality of business and/or management degree programmes that have an international perspective. The process involves an in-depth review of individual programmes through international comparison and benchmarking, considering a wide range of programme aspects including its design, delivery and operations, programme outcomes and quality assurance as well as the institutional context.

Congratulating the school on its recent success, Barbara Sporn, EPAS Director, commented: “Combining high academic standards and a strong focus on new knowledge relevant to the world of practice, these two programmes are a great addition to the EPAS portfolio of accredited programmes. Congratulations to TSM for this achievement!”

With an excellent standing among the French public management schools, TSM’s primary focus is on research that is relevant for the world of practice, internationalisation. The institution has a good record when it comes to the placement of its graduates.

“In line with TSM’s research ethos, the Doctoral Programme in Management and the Master in Finance combine a sound academic and scientific approach with a significant practical impact. EPAS accreditation is a statement of our commitment towards our international mix of graduates and PhD candidates, and a credible signal of the high-quality programmes offered at TSM,” commented Hervé Penan, Dean of Toulouse School of Management.

TSM’s two flagship programmes, the Master in Finance and the Doctoral Programme in Management are both excellent programmes contributing to the reputation of the school.

The Master in Finance is a robust academic programme with a commendable connection with the world of practice. The programme demonstrates several examples of best practices among which the use of ILOs to develop the provision but also to conduct programme delivery and assessment. The programme also offers a unique academic approach combined with the purpose of applying knowledge and skills to solving real-life problems and practical learning opportunities through internships.

Just like its parent programmes, the Doctoral Programme is a very good programme with well-organised and institutionalised provision. It concentrates on developing candidates with rigorous research competencies in combination with the ability to identify and communicate on the practical applications of research. The programme offers a robust international learning experience through institutional networks and partners.

EPAS was launched in 2005 and in those fifteen years has had a considerable impact on the quality of business schools’ programmes all over the world. There are currently 124+3 EPAS-accredited programmes on offer at 90 +2 schools across 35 countries. For more information on EPAS, visit www.efmdglobal.org/epas.

* The first programmes from two pilot institutions received the new ‘EFMD Programme Accredited‘ label in October 2019.