SDG Academy Community of Practice

When it comes to education for sustainable development, community is just as important as content. That’s why the SDG Academy has launched its new Community of Practice, which brings together leaders from academia, civil society, business, and more for peer learning around Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) training and education.

Whether your institution or organisation has been teaching sustainable development for years, or you are just figuring out how to incorporate the SDGs into your lessons, trainings, or workshops—the Community of Practice has something to offer you:

  • High-quality educational resources to help your learners engage with sustainable development topics
  • Access to a diverse cohort of peers from around the world
  • Opportunities for networking, collaboration, and leadership around education for sustainable development
  • Engagement options for a variety of institutional needs and budgets

Click here to learn more about the program’s features, engagement options, the application process, and more.

And join the SDG Academy for an informational webinar:

16 June 2020 at 12:00 UTC

16 June 2020 at 23:00 UTC

17 June 2020 at 18:00 UTC