We are excited to alert you about Professor Gary Hamel’s webinar next Tuesday, 2 June at 4pm UK time, titled ‘Professor Gary Hamel: ‘Humanocracy: Creating Organisations as Amazing as the People Inside them’.

Gary is the author of one of the best-selling management books of all time, which is co-authored with the late great C.K.Prahalad, published in 1994, “Competing for the Future”. Gary’s forthcoming new book, co-authored with Michele Zanini, is titled ‘Humanocracy: Creating Organisations as Amazing as the People Inside them’ and will form the basis of this much-anticipated webinar hosted by our colleagues at London Business School (LBS). Gary will be sharing his thinking on what this organisation of the future – the humanocracy – will look like.

In previous weeks, LBS has held a very successful webinar series titled “Coping with Covid”. Dr Alan Watkins’ brilliant weekly musings have helped us all through the COVID complexity, with practical advice highlighting how adaptable, agile, and resilient we humans can be.

Together we can keep society moving and minimise the damage this threat does to our lives. The webinar is completely free of charge and will have a duration of approximately 45 minutes. Register now!