Corporate learning in the time of a pandemic

In response to the current crisis, EFMD set up a series of Zoom calls for its corporate members to discuss the challenges and opportunities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Save the date for our third call on the topic of “Corporate learning in times of a pandemic 3” on 28 May 11:00 – 12:00 CEST, which will focus on ways to prepare your organisation for recovery and reimagination of the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic will lead to a world with significantly more debt, leading to challenging economic consequences. Global supply chains will be forced to become more resilient for example by transforming into more regional or local production systems. At the same time, digital transformation is fast accelerating in all aspects of life, also leading to more safety-led consumer behaviour.

In our series of EFMD video conferences, our partners and members have been sharing best practice examples in dealing with the current situation. How can corporations best prepare for this uncertain future? How can you anticipate shifting market structures and consumer preferences, and leverage opportunities when imagining the ‘next normal’? After all these changes, how can corporate learning help organisations develop the mindset and skills most relevant for a successful recovery? And how can L&D review its strategy and ecosystem to realise an enhanced digital learning experience?

In the third Zoom call of our series, EFMD invites you to collectively imagine how L&D can best add value throughout the recovery phase. Rosaria Torriani from Parker Hannifin Group will share how the company applied scenario planning to prepare for this new phase of corporate development. We will use Zoom breakout groups to reflect on our own situation and collectively discuss our findings.

In case you missed them, the summary reports of the first two conference calls can also still be accessed online. During our first virtual meeting on 23 March, we focused on how to keep the workforce engaged and productive in times of crisis and while working remotely, and we also discussed how to use the situation as an opportunity to further digitise the learning environment. Faurecia and UBS also shared their approaches, and we learned that the contexts can vary significantly, with some industries realising a significant pressure to deliver value, while others are facing a period of low sales and strict cost containment.

Then, during the second call on 30 April, we focused on how to adapt the learning portfolio to a context that has materially changed. L’Oréal, Grupo Santander and SIBUR shared their experience and offered insight into creatively rethinking their learning offer in light of the pandemic.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 28 May at our third event!