The coronavirus mainly knows losers. People are massively ill, hospital staff are overloaded, we must stay inside, and companies are under pressure. But besides all this misery, there are of course also learnings. This is what I learned from the corona crisis so far.

1. Getting rid of unnecessary ballast

It may be a cliché, but you will only appreciate what you have if you miss it. This also applies the other way around. Things you first thought were crucial to your happiness and well-being suddenly don’t seem that important. Love, health and family and friends are all you need right?

2. Forge the strongest teams

As a society, we have a common enemy in the corona and as colleagues, a common goal, namely, to get out of this crisis as well as possible and to ensure that everyone remains on board. This ensures unprecedented togetherness. It makes colleagues help each other, keep in touch with each other, and give space to setbacks and grief.

3. Colleagues get to know each other better

We meet at the coffee machine but have no idea what that one colleague is doing every day with those eccentric trousers and luxurious hair. The corona crisis means that colleagues who are less busy can assist colleagues who are overflowing. In this way, we suddenly get to know and understand each other better.

4. Competition is also in a crisis

We are working hard to keep our business schools afloat and we might be tempted to forget it, but our competitors are struggling with the same thing. If not now, when would be the best time to join forces and support each other?

5. New ways of working

The new way of working, problems with office space, commuting, and working remotely. All subjects that we have been talking about for years but have never really started working on. Until now. Everyone works at home en masse and we experience first-hand how useful Microsoft Teams is, how to set up a good home workplace and how much time it saves if we no longer must travel. Shall we agree that we will not immediately forget this when the crisis is over?

6. Online and Face-to-Face

As we are confined to our homes, we make the best of keeping in touch with our alumni and our students. I have always been the one focusing on face-to-face contact, rather than online. Over the past weeks, I have learned to make better use of LinkedIn and Facebook and learned that one can have a meaningful conversation through Teams. As I stated in the video for EFMD, I firmly believe that the added value of the External Relations Conference is to meet my peers in person. But I must admit, from now on even I will maintain my relationships via online tools as of now on…

What did you learn from the corona crisis?