The Global Talent Recruiting Day at MIP Politecnico di Milano goes digital

More than 30 companies and 150 students and a tally of over 300 virtual interviews between students, recruiters and managers attended the event.

The first digital Global Talent Recruiting Day wrapped up with 33 companies, 150 students and 320 interviews. The event, aimed at students, recruiters and managers, was organised by MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business and featured FLEXA, MIP’s innovative digital platform, which uses Microsoft’s advanced AI tools designed for students and companies.

MIP’s Global Talent Recruiting Day is, since many years, the ideal occasion to connect companies and students, being the management class of today and tomorrow, bringing into play MIP’s close links with companies, established over many years. HR people and company managers frequently join class sessions to present corporate values and set out the type of profile they are looking for in students. In this they have help from professionals who maintain an open dialogue with companies, highlighting the various opportunities of talent acquisition, employer branding and networking.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the logical suggestion was to reprogram the day as a virtual event, whereas, previously, it been held in particularly evocative settings, such as the “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium (also known as San Siro) of Milan in 2019. The decision taken because of the COVID-19 emergency turned a critical issue into an opportunity. In recent years, MIP Politecnico di Milano has worked hard at developing digital learning, to address its students’ needs of greater flexibility and personalisation, whilst always maintaining high standards. In line with this strategy, the School has decided to expand the use of its expertise in this area to continue providing education and services, and so reduce, as far as possible, the dislocation resulting from the evolving Coronavirus situation.

The event – held at the beginning of April – was inaugurated officially by Federico Frattini, Dean of MIP: “The high participation of students, recruiters and managers and the calibre of the interviews testify to the success of an initiative made possible through the wonderful work of our team. Faced by the problems determined by the current situation, our people found the way to extract answers from technological innovation. We will remain equally committed to offering new digital solutions and ensuring the necessary ongoing dialogue in the present contingency, introducing new live webinars, dedicated sections on our portal and launch a management tool box containing a series of sophisticated e-learning tools”.

Roberto Villa, Manager of Research Ecosystem at IBM Italy: “Leaders are people who go ahead with confidence when others come to a standstill. Today, more than ever, we must look to the future. For us, taking part in MIP’s Recruiting Day means building the future; our companies and our country need young talents keen to bring value to their community”.

Alberto Ferrarotto Employer Branding Automobili Lamborghini: “In a period of emergency and social distancing, we need to look into the distance and also look close up. We decided to take part in this all-digital Recruiting Day held by MIP, and so continue to stay close to the young people taking university programmes run by our partners. This is an important occasion to identify young talents, listen to dreams and viewpoints and allow trust to carry on flourishing. Keeping close, looking into the distance”.