Happy Learning! Education for a Sustainable and Happy World

According to the World Happiness Report, there is a strong correlation between achieving sustainable development and self-reported measures of wellbeing. Moreover, generosity, trust, and a strong sense of community are equally important as income when it comes to happiness—how, then, do we teach the values, knowledge, and skills needed to achieve sustainable development and, therefore, happiness?

Join the session and hear from experts in the field of education for sustainable development (ESD) to learn how education is a key enabler to prepare this generation and the next to create a sustainable and happier world for all.

This session will explore the following topics: 

  • How ESD relates to happiness
  • The importance of ESD in the context of COVID-19
  • Opportunities and challenges of using technology
  • Localization and contextualization
  • The future of ESD


Florencia Librizzi, Head of Program and Partnerships, SDG Academy, UN SDSN (Moderator)

Alexander Leicht, Chief of the Section of Education for Sustainable Development, UNESCO

Monika Fröhler, CEO, Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

Oren Pizmony-Levy, Associate Professor in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University