Five programmes recently accredited EPAS

We are pleased to extend our congratulations to the following five schools on the accreditation of their programmes:

ISC Paris Business School

Münster School of Business, Münster University of Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Business and Economics (UPFBE), University of Pécs

Cracow School of Business, Cracow University of Economics

Programme accreditation from EFMD aims to evaluate the quality of degree programmes in business and/or management. The process involves an in-depth review of individual programme through international benchmarking, considering a wide range of programme aspects including the design, delivery and operations, programmes outcomes and quality assurances as well as institutional context.

ISC Paris Business School Master in Management is a good programme offering great flexibility and providing students with a wide range of choices of tracks, specialisations, internships, applied learning opportunities and overseas exposure. The faculty and staff commitment to the students’ well-being is to be commended. Required internship or apprenticeships also provide students with in-depth applied knowledge and experience and are facilitated thanks to strong Corporate connections and Alumni engagement.

Jean-Christophe HAUGUEL, Dean & CEO of ISC Paris commented: “It is a great source of pride and accomplishment for all stakeholders of ISC Paris to obtain EPAS initial accreditation for our MIM Programme for 5 years. We sincerely thank EFMD, their experts and our peers who, with great rigour, always know how to accurately assess the strengths and areas for improvement of the programme. This signal by granting directly five years to our school is very rare, and we measure all the confidence given. It encourages us to continue our efforts to improve quality and excellence.”

The Münster School of Business BA Programme Set: Double Degree European Business Programme (EBP) and Double Degree German-Latin American Course of Business Studies (CALA) are two well-established double-degree programmes with very high reputation in the region. The two programmes are providing a real, practical business experience for students during their studies and offer strong personal support from faculty and administrative staff for the students.

“EPAS accreditation is an important strategic achievement. It approves the culture of quality, shaping our institution. Preparation for EPAS was a joint effort of our faculty, which will accelerate the further development of Münster School of Business (MSB),” says Dirk Kiso, Dean of Münster School of Business, Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Just like its parent programmes, the MA in International Marketing and Sales (IMS) is a good programme which trains international managers in marketing and sales. Overall, the programme benefits from an excellent reputation among business partners and alumni. Students of the programme benefit from personal support from faculty and staff as well as a very good employment rate.

Zoltán Schepp, Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics (UPFBE), University of Pécs, commented: “UPFBE’s mission is to inspire people to achieve their best – during the accreditation process we have realised that the role of EPAS accreditation means exactly the same for us. We believe in the importance of coherent operation in all its dimensions for the sake of the continuous improvement of business education. A key element of this is the consistency of the measurable performance and the defined aims, in terms of the requirements for students and the everyday work of the faculty and administration as well. Being awarded EPAS accreditation is a great acknowledgement; it inspires us to keep meeting the EFMD standards, a high quality in higher education.”

The Faculty of Business and Economics (UPFBE) BSc in Business Administration and Management is a rigorous programme. With well-established assessment policies, the programmes ensure the development of essential transferable intellectual skills such as analytical skills, critical thinking, international mind-set and technology savvy. The programme covers both fundamental and specialised disciplines with the right balance between the academic and managerial dimensions. A dedicated staff and faculty offer valuable support to a very diverse student body guaranteeing student-centred learning processes and individual learning support.

“This great achievement of obtaining EPAS accreditation for the Executive MBA Programme reflects the school’s commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to excellence in management education. All activities carried out during the accreditation process have enhanced our standard practices, improved the teaching and learning experience for our students, strengthened the position of Cracow School of Business significantly and laid the foundations for further development in selected strategic directions. For me, as the school Director, the EPAS accreditation was not only the aim but primarily the tool in quality improvement and institutional development process. Now the school greatly benefits from the outtakes of this review process which has provided a valuable compass for the Programme and the school,” commented Piotr Buła, Director of Cracow School of Business, Cracow University of Economics.

The Cracow School of Business (CSB) Executive MBA is a well-designed programme aligned with the mission of CSB. The programme benefits from an excellent local reputation and is well anchored in the world of practice thanks to inputs from teaching practitioners. Students are offered good experiential learning opportunities through case studies, testimonials, company visits and an international site visit.

Barbara Sporn, EPAS Director, commented on their recent success: “Congratulations to the three institutions that have successfully gone through the EPAS re-accreditation process with their programmes. Their achievement proves their commitment to ongoing advancement and continuous improvement. The highly demanding EPAS standards ensure that the accredited programmes are designed and delivered so that they are both academically rigorous and have practical relevance for students in today’s global environment.”

EPAS was launched in 2005 and over those fourteen years has had a considerable impact on the quality of business schools’ programmes all over the world. The programme accreditation from EFMD is one of the most demanding yet effective ways to certify the quality of a programme in the field of Business and management.

There are currently 122+3 EPAS-accredited programmes on offer at 89 +2 schools across 35 countries. For more information on EPAS, visit

* The first programmes form 2 pilot institutions received the new ‘EFMD Programme Accredited’ label in October 2019.