Ecole des Ponts Business School and the Creating Value Alliance are proud to invite you to the Third Global Conference on Creating Value that will take place in Paris on June 2 and 3, 2020.

A wide consensus has grown that the purpose of a company is to create value. Building on the foundations of the previous global editions in Leicester and New York, the Global Conference on Creating Value in Paris aims to increase our understanding of what it means to create value in a constantly changing environment. Societies, institutions and companies are facing the challenge of creating value and avoiding value destruction under circumstances of increased unpredictability and uncertainty compounded by ever-increasing complexity.

In this fast-changing world, the concept of creating value has emerged as a new, fundamental point of reference for purpose and action. The Third Global Conference on Creating Value will bring together leaders, scholars and practitioners from across the globe to share and further shape our understanding of what creating value means, what it takes to achieve it and also how to avoid the destruction of value.
So, come join the exchange of visions, insights, know-how, and questions to create new ways of understanding and creating value together.

Learn more about the call for papers for academics, practical academics and practitioners!