Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) fully integrates with Highered for its Career Services

AMSIB has launched Highered as the primary solution for its current students and graduates.

Highered’s full-service Career Service Solution, integrating Highered CMS, the Talent Panel, and the Talent Platforms, enables continuous feedback and industry insight from the schools, talent, and recruiters. Combining the knowledge of the global talent ecosystem with the latest talent recruitment technology, the Solution accelerates the matching of top talent and global career opportunities.

AMSIB, a top business school with international influence, values Highered’s Solution for:

1. The user-friendly Talent Panel

The Talent Panel integrates essential services such as posting positions, reviewing talent analytics to make data-driven decisions, scheduling appointments and events, and uploading career resources.

2. The global Talent Platform

Tailor-made to AMSIB, the Talent Platform provides more than 10,000 global career opportunities, spreading among internships, graduate programs and full-time positions in diverse industries and functions every year.

"AMSIB aims to have Highered Talent Portal as the primary solution for our current students and graduates, in terms of vacancies and career tips. It is a valuable resource for our students  and alumni who are looking for internship, graduate roles and thesis opportunities, providing a critical link to the labour market."

AMSIB features Highered as the main Career Services tool through:

  • Use Highered Talent Panel as the main tool for corporates to post internship, thesis or job vacancies (as shown above).
  • Link Highered Talent Panel at the Alumni page for alumni to provide internship/thesis vacancies to current students.
  • Add “Recruit AMSIB Talent” with the link to Highered Talent Panel at the footer of the website (as shown below).
  • Inform students of the latest positions from the Highered weekly newsletters.
  • Present Highered as an exclusive solution of AMSIB’s Career Services for the school’s students and alumni.

*Click the image to see the web page


Highered empowers AMSIB’s Career Services department to offer a wider range of services to students and alumni faster, smarter and free of cost.

Contact us to know more about Highered’s full-service solution and how your Career Services can benefit from the EFMD full member benefits.