The Highered Talent Panel is launched at the EFMD Career Services Conference

The exclusive full-service Career Service Solution for EFMD members that accelerates the matching of top talent and global career opportunities. 

On the third day of the 2019 EFMD Career Services Conference featured Highered. Dr. Amber Wigmore Alvarez, Chief Innovation Officer at Highered and Kendall Brown, Career Services and Marketing Manager at Highered provided future-proofing talent perspectives for the Career Services professionals by introducing the brand new Highered Talent Panel.

Functioning as the administrative dashboard for all Career department activities, the Highered Talent Panel completes the Highered Global Talent Ecosystem, benefiting 500 EFMD member schools with a tailor-made full-solution of services including: 

  1. Self-Posting Capabilities

The self-posting functionality significantly reduces the administrative work in the Career Services department. Schools can easily provide a link for their recruiters and alumni to post positions directly and exclusively to their school’s Highered Global Job Board with the school’s talent panel administrators approving the jobs. The one-stop solution, which supports the posting of both local positions and global positions, effectively resolves the problems and confusions of schools having multiple platforms.

See how Amsterdam School of International Business integrated the Highered solution into their Career Services to improve their efficiency and quality of service. 

  1. Talent Analytics Dashboard/Reports

Each school and recruiter are provided with their own Talent Analytics Dashboard, allowing them to find information on platform traffic, talent engagement and activity, and assisting in optimizing their talent placement and recruitment initiatives. 

  1. Appointments/Events

The appointment system utilizes the latest calendar technology to ensure seamless calendar synchronization and supports creating, scheduling and managing one-to-one appointments, one-to-many appointments, and on-campus events per appointment category type, which allows the Careers department to better organize appointments and to report and analyze the activity level. 

  1. Career Resources

Each school also has the opportunity to further customize their Highered Global Job Board by uploading unique career resources for their school’s talent to view and download. The resources can be easily categorized, tagged and managed on-demand. 


  1. Highered Country Guides

The free wiki-style digital Guides is beneficial to both talent and Career Services. As user-generated knowledge sources, the Guides details relevant career journey topics including places to work, salary guides, job applications, networking, and other general resources.

  1. Shared Services

As a full-range solution to reduce the workload of the school Career Services and to bring value to the talent, the Talent Panel incorporates employability support resources such as the Career Journey Masterclass webinar series and Cut-e Online Assessment package. 

The monthly Masterclass led by Prof. Amber Wigmore Alvarez, Chief Innovation Officer at Highered, provides talent in the global network insight to effectively manage the next steps towards advancing their careers. 

The personal assessment, providing a detailed report, supports talent in preparing and gaining a competitive advantage in the recruitment process.

  1. Support Center

The Support Center offers webinar tutorials to the Career Services on aspects of the effective use of the platform, communication and engagement with talent, benefits of the Student Ambassador Programme, and analysis of the talent analytics dashboard, among other relevant topics.


Activate Your Schools Talent Panel!

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