Six schools re-accredited by EQUIS

We are happy to announce that the following six schools were recently re-accredited by EQUIS.

Congratulations to:

Congratulating the schools on their recent success, Alfons Sauquet, Quality Services & EQUIS Director at EFMD said: “Congratulations to all the institutions. Thanks to their continued commitment, they contribute to the enhancement management education. We are happy to accompany them on their journey towards excellence.”

EQUIS accreditation ensures a rigorous quality improvement process, benchmarking the school against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, and foremost, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as corporate engagement.

Each of these schools showcased a considerable strength in several of those areas and a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

Over the last few years, Burgundy School of Business has made significant progress in a variety of areas and is to be commended for its outstanding corporate connections and connections with practice which are firmly embedded in its DNA.

The peer review team also commended ESSCA – Ecole de Management for its excellent connections with practice and alumni relations. The ethics, responsibility and sustainability strategy is coherently structured to complement the values and the history of the school.

The Fundação Dom Cabral has established itself as one of the prime executive education providers in Brazil. Students can benefit from the school’s connections with practice, customer orientation and applied approach to teaching.

Antônio Batista da Silva Júnior, Dean, Fundação Dom Cabral, commented on the recent re-accreditation: “We are happy to be part of the select group of EQUIS re-accredited business schools. Considering the challenges that all schools have been experiencing in recent years, we can say this achievement pleases the entire FDC community. We thank EFMD for believing in our work and contributing to our constant improvement.”

With a mission-driven strategy, HEC Liège – Management School, University of Liège can bank on impressive corporate connections. The school showcased evident quality improvement over the last couple of years and benefits from a cohesive and collegial culture between students, staff, faculty, alumni as well as corporate partners.

The University of Mannheim Business School remains one of the top full-service provider in management education in Germany, offering a coherent portfolio, excellent community engagement and high-quality higher education. The outstanding faculty produces considerable research, particularly in the area of data science and analytics.

The University of Stellenbosch Business School is a very good school showcasing exemplary commitment to ethics, responsibility and sustainability. ERS permeates all aspects of the schools from its strategy to organisational culture, programmes, education, student learning but also its contribution to the broader community.

EQUIS attaches particular importance to the creation of an effective learning environment that favours the development of students’ managerial and entrepreneurial skills and fosters their personal development and sense of global responsibility.

EQUIS has now accredited 189 schools across 44 countries. More information is available on our website.