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We are delighted to announce that the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (MMUBS) recently received the EQUIS accreditation!

EQUIS accreditation ensures a rigorous quality improvement process, benchmarking the school against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, and foremost, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as corporate engagement.

The MMUBS pursues its powerful mission “transforming lives, business & communities.” The school has a very positive and open-minded attitude to collaborating with the world of practice and works closely with employers to co-create a curriculum ensuring that the courses meet local and national needs.

Julia Clarke, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Business and Law at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “The award of EQUIS accreditation is a huge vote of confidence in the excellence of our Business School. The accreditation process has seen us reflect on our connections with businesses and communities, our role as an ethical and globally engaged institution and our contribution to a sustainable future.”

“EQUIS is evidence of the transformative education experience we provide for our students and conveys how we use our in-depth knowledge and ground-breaking research to positively impact businesses and communities.”

Alfons Sauquet, Quality Services & EQUIS Director, congratulated the school by saying: “We are glad to see the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School among the EQUIS accredited institutions.The school builds on its history of being the leading vocational educator and we would like to commend the MMUBS for their connections with practice and for its continued commitment to making a positive social impact through management education.”

EQUIS attaches particular importance to the creation of an effective learning environment that favours the development of students’ managerial and entrepreneurial skills and fosters their personal development and sense of global responsibility.

EQUIS has now accredited 189 schools across 44 countries. More information is available on our website.