The considerable contribution to its country, Thailand, was proved by the Sasin School of Management, who recently completed the Business School Impact System (BSIS).

Sasin is an autonomous business school located on the Chulalongkorn University campus in Bangkok.

The school’s pedagogy is firmly rooted in project-based action learning bringing students into direct contact with real-life cases. It emphasises experiential and transformative learning underpinned by an entrepreneurial mindset and a concern for sustainable purpose.

“Everyone at Sasin is proud that we’ve been named as a BSIS Impact School. The measure of a good business school, or any learning institution, is the value and the impact it brings to the people in its community. Going through this process has reinforced for us the importance of what we do on educational, business development, and societal levels,” commented Ian Fenwick, Director, Sasin School of Management.

“Sustainability has long been a major focus at Sasin, and our new strategy, to develop sustainability through an entrepreneurial mindset, has been strengthened by this process. With this new BSIS designation, we will be re-invigorated to maximize the impact of all of our activities in our efforts to build a better, more sustainable world,” said Nick Pisalyaput, Deputy Director for Strategy, Innovation, and Impact, Sasin School of Management.

Michel Kalika, the BSIS Director, added: “Congratulations to Sasin School of Management for successfully completing the Business School Impact System. BSIS recognised several centres of excellence of the school, namely in the areas of sustainability, entrepreneurship, management consulting and in executive education. We hope that Sasin will leverage the label for greater international recognition, for the school’s staff and faculty as well as students, their stakeholders and broad societal impact.”

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