New technological, managerial and social dynamics for a sustainable Europe-Americas relationship


We are pleased to announce the CERALE-EGADE Business School 2020 Conference in

Mexico City, on 27 – 29 May 2020

Under the theme “New technological, managerial and social dynamics for a sustainable Europe-Americas relationship“, it will address 11 management topics:

Intercultural Management – International Dynamics – Finance and Macroeconomics – Entrepreneurship – Leadership and Governance – Management of family-run businesses – Social innovation and sustainability  – Conscious marketing and distribution – Public policy, public management, and public services in the digital age – Global and local value chains – Ecosystems of innovation

The CERALE-EGADE Business School 2020 Seminar will take place in a context characterised by the omnipresence of new technologies which, over the course of a few decades, have transformed the workings of the economy and markets, governance modes and politics, the dynamics of organisations and the very lives of individuals. Virtuality, by overcoming the barriers of space, has profoundly reshaped the operating and interaction methods of businesses, which, driven by the desire and need to develop, are seeking to generate value through integrated dynamics.

At the same time, the spread of technology has been far from homogeneous across continents and within countries, leaving regions and populations lagging behind in terms of growth. And where it has expanded unbounded among hyperconnected individuals, it has even become intrusive, raising the question of individual freedoms.

In the international arena, this era is characterised by trade tensions and geopolitical uncertainties, in addition to rising nationalism in the Americas and Europe. In spite of this, new free trade agreements have been signed in recent years between both continents, with the EU-Mercosur most recently, while others are currently being revised and reinforced (EU-Mexico Agreement and EU-Chile Agreement). This represents major challenges for large and small businesses, as, exposed to the international market, they must overcome hurdles such as environmental issues, the social and educational gap, and impoverishment, and at the same time, the growth of the new middle classes and their expectations in terms of consumption, well-being, and inclusion, etc. The intensity of these challenges varies according to the level of development in the countries concerned.

The aim of this conference is to examine the impact of the abovementioned changes on our way of innovating, managing, producing, engaging in business, distributing, consuming, procuring and hiring, etc., by comparing and contrasting the European and American environments. The event will give rise to an interdisciplinary dialogue on management in its broadest sense. By bringing together professors and researchers in management sciences from both sides of the Atlantic, its goal, in continuity with previous editions, is to continue to forge a scientific community eager to share new theoretical approaches, revise existing paradigms and confront them with the new European and American realities. Fostering research in management fuelled by these realities, the 2020 Conference seeks to provide a space for dialogue and learning between researchers and business leaders and to go beyond academic frontiers and contribute to the strategic approaches of economic, institutional and social stakeholders on both continents.

Previous seminars have demonstrated the usefulness of these scientific meetings for higher education institutions; they contribute to current thinking on the relevance of research and academic content and to the creation of conceptual and empirical responses to the challenges faced by both regions. See the CERALE-UniAndes 2018 scientific report.

Extended abstract (max. 1000 words) can be written in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

To be sent by: February 16, 2020

Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2020 

Best communications will be presented to International Management, the indexed journal published by HEC Montréal.

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