EDC Paris Business School & Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University re-accredited by EPAS

We are happy to announce that the EPAS accreditation board has recently awarded EPAS re-accreditation to the well-established programmes at EDC Paris Business School, France and Graduate School of Business and Law, College of Business, RMIT University, Australia.

Congratulations to the following programmes recognised by the EPAS quality label:

An innovative spirit and a clear vision of how to continue enhancing the distinctive programme are the driving forces behind this course, combined with the engagement of faculty and staff. The programme stands out in several ways: it combines a solid research orientation with links to industry, ensuring that students receive a rigorous and relevant education, with design thinking as the content anchor.

Kathy Douglas, Head of School, Graduate School of Business and Law, commented: “The Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University is delighted to receive five-year re-accreditation for our Executive MBA and we highly value the insightful feedback provided by the Peer Review Team. We look forward to our continuing collaboration with EFMD in the future.”

The programme places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and successfully engages with the commercial world. This approach is very appealing not only nationally but also attracts international students. Graduates of this programme benefit from a balance of in- and out-of-class learning, which equips them with a set of highly transferrable skills.

Congratulating the schools on their success, the Director of EPAS, Jens Tøndel, said: “The institutions continue in their commitment to quality assurance and offer excellent programmes together with a student-centred learning environment. The highly demanding EPAS standards ensure that the accredited programmes are designed and delivered so that they are both academically rigorous and have practical relevance for students in today’s global environment.”

There are currently 115 EPAS-accredited programmes on offer at 83 institutions across 35 countries. For more information on EPAS, visit www.efmdglobal.org/epas.