See the Future study

Making predictions about the future is never easy. Six years ago, Donald Trump was best known as a TV celebrity. At the same time, CarringtonCrisp worked with EFMD to run the See the Future project for the first time, looking at where business education might be heading.

The introduction to the first ‘See the Future’ report highlighted Clayton Christensen views with his comment that “… even five years from now, these enterprises (universities) are going to be in real trouble”. While some private schools have closed and others merged, most universities continue to prosper. Yet higher education is changing. Before the original See the Future report being published, Coursera announced that it had reached 4 million sign-ups, today that number stands at over 40 million.

Technology remains a major driver of change in business education, whether its marketing or delivering programmes or helping students make the most of their learning experience. However, the pace of change in business education is accelerating driven not just by technology, but growing international competition, different demands from employers for new skills, the need for employees to upskill and reskill to maintain employability, a growing focus on the relationship between business and society and much more.

So how can a business school build for the future, for its students and its staff, for employers and for wider society? Working with EFMD, and also with GMAC, CarringtonCrisp is again running the See the Future study. The views of students, staff and employers will be gathered through an online survey running into early December with the results published at the EFMD Deans conference in February 2020.

If you want to get a glimpse of the outlook for business education to grow the future of your business school and its impact on students, research and business, all we ask is that you fill in the online survey link. Feel free to distribute it to the key audiences targeted in the survey, including your students, faculty, staff and employers.

Participation in See the Future is free and all schools involved will get a full set of the findings. To get more details of the online survey and how to involve students, staff and employers at your school, send an email to with ‘See the Future’ in the subject line.