We are extending our warm congratulations to the University of Sussex Business School, United Kingdom, and welcome the school to the pool of EQUIS accredited institutions.

Martin Schader, Associate Director of Quality Services, said: We are happy to see the University of Sussex Business School among the EQUIS accredited institutions. The quality of the school is reflected in its distinctive expertise in innovation and public policy and its multi-disciplinary approach to research and teaching. We commend the school on their focus on ethics, responsibility and sustainability issues in many of its research activities.”

The school has a distinctive research profile compared with other business schools. It focuses on applied areas such as innovation, science and technology, development, international trade, and on the related policy issues. The School is thus a sought-after institution by government agencies and international organisations who can rely on the expertise of the faculty members.

The institution has been continuously improving the quality of all its components: the faculty, staff, students and programmes; which has been recognised through the accreditation process.

Steven McGuire, Dean of the Business School, said: “Gaining EQUIS accreditation is a fantastic achievement since we are a relatively new Business School, although one built on firm academic and research foundations across our departments.

Accreditation highlights our distinctive, worldwide reputation in innovation, energy and sustainability, science and technology policy, and our expertise in understanding the relationship between business, public policy and civil society. EQUIS also recognises our strengths as a Business School and the impact of our research to solve real world problems, forming part of our Sussex vision to create a better university for a better world.

We look forward to working alongside institutions within the EQUIS network, and continuing our Business School journey in line with EQUIS recommendations.”

The rigour of the EQUIS accreditation system does not just concentrate on a few criteria that can vary immensely from year to year. EQUIS actually gets right into the heart of the school’s offerings, its ethos and value for students.

In total, 187 schools have been accredited by EQUIS in 44 different countries. For further information, please visit the EQUIS webpage.