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We are extending our warm congratulations to the University of Canterbury Business School, Christchurch, New Zealand and welcome the school to the pool of EQUIS accredited institutions.

The EQUIS international quality benchmark and improvement process was created to give European and, subsequently, business schools worldwide, a rigorous tool to assess, certify and improve their quality in ten key areas. Those include governance, programmes, students, faculty, research and, foremost, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability as well as corporate engagement.

The UC Business School enjoys a very good reputation in New Zealand and it contributes in a number of ways to the developments of the region and wider community. The degree of internalisation is high; two-thirds of the faculty come from a diverse range of countries.

The school has a solid undergraduate programme and puts a lot of emphasis in this programme on the topics of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability. In this context, it gives a prominent role to bi-culturalism, taking into account the Māori minority of the country.

Paul Ballantine, Head of the UC Business School, said: “EQUIS accreditation is an outstanding achievement for the UC Business School. It acknowledges the international calibre of our teaching and research as well as the high quality of our staff and students. The accreditation process has been instrumental in helping us to reinforce our strengths while also improving many of our practices. We have used the framework provided by EQUIS accreditation to strengthen our international focus, to build meaningful connections with business and community organisations, and to embed ethics and sustainability throughout our operations. In essence, it has allowed us to better understand how we are able to achieve our mission, to be ‘in the business of making a difference’.

Prof. Ballantine added: “Delivering on the high standards required for EQUIS accreditation has been a galvanising experience for all of our staff and stakeholders as we worked towards a common goal. This is a shared success, and congratulations should be given to our academic and professional staff, students, alumni, and advisory board members. I also want to express our thanks to the whole EFMD team, particularly Robina Xavier (our EQUIS Advisor), Ulrich Hommel, and the Peer Review Team for their guidance as a part of this process. I wholeheartedly recommend EQUIS accreditation for any business school wanting to push itself to the next level.”

David Asch, Director of Quality Services, said: “We are delighted to see the institution’s quality recognised by the EQUIS accreditation. The school has a very good national standing and we particularly admire the support the school has given to the business sector and community in rebuilding after a serious earthquake in 2010 and 2011. Furthermore, the school has been strengthening its research culture, which has been reflected in the sound research output. The UC Business School is now a part of the 1% of leading business schools worldwide to be EQUIS accredited.”

EQUIS has now accredited 183 schools across 44 countries. More information is available on efmdglobal.org/equis.