Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO accredited by EQUIS


Congratulations to the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Moscow, Russia, for being recognised as one of the leading business schools accredited by EQUIS.

SKOLKOVO is a distinctively entrepreneurial and transformation-focused business school. It is nationally recognised for its excellence in Executive Education and as a well-connected hub of innovation and development.

The school is well-regarded in Eurasia and internationally. The school’s degrees, both MBA and EMBA, offer a strong leadership development structure, complemented by international content delivered by top international professors and coupled with local expertise.

Marat Atnashev, Dean of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, said: “Established just 13 years ago by representatives of Russian & international business, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO has transformed into a dynamic and entrepreneurial private business school in Russia and the CIS as result a of combined efforts of our professors and researchers, alumni and staff.”

“EQUIS accreditation marks a new milestone in the school’s history and we are honoured to join the EQUIS family. The EQUIS accreditation wide-spreads the horizon for us and provides an opportunity to identify the areas for further development for coming years, making the new path challenging and exciting,” concluded Mr Atnashev.

David Asch, Director of Quality Services, commented on the recent accreditation: “SKOLKOVO managed to adopt a model that enables the school to leverage a network of multinational companies and top global business schools and continue its development. We are delighted to see numerous new initiatives that are part of the school’s continuing transformation. Thanks to the distinctive profile and capabilities, the school can deliver on its strategy and aspirations in a volatile and challenging environment.”

EQUIS accreditation ensures a rigorous quality improvement process, benchmarking the school against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, and foremost, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as corporate engagement. There are currently no substitutes for such an in-depth assessment of quality and all the schools should be commended for their commitment to excellence.

EQUIS has now accredited 183 schools across 44 countries. More information is available on