EDF Corporate University for Management re-accredited by CLIP

EDF CLIP re-accreditation

The strength of the corporate learning function at EDF was recognised by its CLIP re-accreditation. Hearty congratulations!

The Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) is a unique accreditation run by EFMD that focuses on identifying the key factors that determine quality in the design and functioning of corporate universities and learning organisations.

Martin Moehrle, Director of Corporate Services at EFMD, who leads the CLIP process, commented: “EFMD is very pleased that EDF Corporate University for Management (EDF CUM) has successfully gone through CLIP re-accreditation. We were particularly impressed by the quality of the EDF CUM team, by the mainstreaming of its innovation lab ‘La Chocolaterie’, by EDF CUM’s re-positioning, by its UGM Inside offer, by the high program quality, and by the clear CUM strategic roadmap. We congratulate EDF CUM on this achievement and look forward to their contribution to the CLIP community”.

Thomas-Olivier Léautier, Director of the Corporate University for Management at EDF, commented: “We are delighted to have received our CLIP re-accreditation from EFMD. Being a member of EFMD is extremely valuable to EDF’s Corporate University for Management, as it gives us access to best practices from our peers, and enables us to continuously improve. The CLIP review gives us a unique opportunity to take stock of where we stand, identify our strengths, and more importantly, our areas for development. The quality of the reviewing team is unparalleled. We are very proud of being part of the CLIP family.”

The CLIP assessment process covers all the essential dimensions of the corporate university’s deployment within the company: the alignment of its mission and operational objectives with corporate strategy, the effectiveness of its governance and internal management systems, its ability to address key issues of concern to the business units, the programme design process, the overall coherence of the programme portfolio, the quality of delivery and the impact of the corporate university’s activities upon individual and organisational learning.

Internal self-assessment against a comprehensive set of rigorous criteria is combined with an external review by experienced peers. CLIP provides value externally and internally for those companies that go through the process. It is a quality accreditation and therefore has external marketing value.

For further information regarding the CLIP process please visit efmdglobal.org/clip.