From push to pull: How to create a culture of continuous learning in Santander

Get inspired by Santander’s Group innovative learning journey!

Since 2017, the Santander Group has been implementing a new learning strategy to realise its S25 vision: transform Santander into an open financial services platform. By putting into action the “Push to Pull strategy,” Santander has won the digital challenge and has been meeting its strategic goals.

A central building block of this global strategy is putting in place a Learning Experience Platform that enables Santander to up-skill and re-skill its employees to stay relevant in a fast-changing business environment. The Learning Experience Platform, named DOJO, transforms the way 200,000 Santander employees learn on the job.

How does DOJO work in practice and what is its impact? This is what Elisabetta Galli, Global Head of Knowledge, Development & Talent at Santander Group, will share with EFMD members during the Sharing Best Practice workshop on 17(evening)-18 October 2019 in Madrid.

DOJO connects people and content across the geographies, in an intuitive and efficient manner. It empowers employees to take ownership of their own learning in a collaborative environment. Employees are able to create, share and leverage knowledge in one single digital workspace and that way “Santander will know what Santander knows”.

The Santander Experience will be enriched by Faurecia, Sberbank and Siemens practices to enhance the culture of learning and collaboration in small group workshops.

Visit our event webpage in order to register and to learn more. This workshop is by invitation only and is dedicated to corporate learning and corporate HR practitioners from companies.

The workshop is free of charge for EFMD member companies and special guests (special guest = ONE free seat to attend ONE workshop for discovery for non-members).