We are happy to announce that the EPAS Accreditation Board has recently awarded EPAS accreditation to HSE St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics for its Master in Finance.

HSE St. Petersburg’s Master in Finance demonstrates strong academic standards. The school’s mission is about dedication to researched-led teaching and fostering the analytical thinking of the students, to the best of their career in international business and as contributors to the Russian society.

“It is an honour for us to be the only Master programme in Russia to get EPAS accreditation! It is a major achievement both for the programme and the entire school. EPAS process a truly rewarding experience which gives an opportunity for a thorough self-analysis and assessment. Moreover, it gives all our stakeholders a unique sense of engagement and added value. EPAS contributes significantly to sustaining academic excellence and the continuous improvement of programmes and increasing the international positioning of HSE St Petersburg School of Economics and Management,” commented Elena Rogova, Dean, SPb School of Economics and Management, HSE University – St. Petersburg.

Jens Petter Tøndel, EPAS Director, highlighted: “We are delighted to welcome HSE St. Petersburg to the pool of institutions with EPAS accredited programmes. This is a programme with a clear academic and analytical focus and an institution with students, faculty, administration and corporate partners that are committed to the international development of the programme.”

EPAS was launched in 2005 and in 14 years has had a considerable impact on the quality of business schools programmes all over the world. The programme accreditation from EFMD is one of the most demanding yet effective ways to certify the quality of a programme in the field of business and management.

For more information on EPAS visit www.efmdglobal.org/epas