EPAS quality label for Coventry Business School

The EPAS accreditation was newly awarded to the BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing and the BA (Hons) Business Management was EPAS re-accredited.

Warm congratulations to the Coventry Business School who keeps providing their students with distinctive experience in learning and gears them with skills necessary to respond to the current market requirements!

The BA (Hons) Business Management programme excels in employability and career services as well as in enhancing both personal and professional development of their students. The programme promotes collaboration among students and supports digital learning technologies, which keep the programme abreast of the trends in its field.

Professor Heather McLaughlin, Academic Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law, commented on the accreditation by saying: “Coventry Business School is delighted to receive international accreditation for BA Business Management and BA Advertising and Marketing. We are grateful to the Peer Review Team for their rigour, and for their recognition of our student-centred, innovative approach to learning. I would also like to thank all colleagues involved for their commitment and dedication to making these programmes such a success. The spirit of collaboration at Coventry is particularly strong and was very much celebrated as part of this process.”

The newly accredited BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing can boast with delivering a high-quality programme to an international body of students. Students are sure their personal development is taken care of through career placement, progress coaches and continuous development modules, which increase their employability. The programme excels in creativity and innovation opening doors to further development in an array of professions and industries.

Jens Tøndel, EPAS Director, said: “We are very pleased to see the two programmes EPAS accredited, both fulfil the highly demanding EPAS criteria. EPAS ensures that the accredited programmes are designed and delivered so that they are both academically rigorous and have practical relevance for students in today’s global environment.” He went on to say that both programmes deliver high-quality international teaching and learning experience and employability prospects for their students.

There are currently 111 EPAS-accredited programmes from 81 schools across 36 countries.  For more information on EPAS visit www.efmdglobal.org/epas