Smart Data Management: Transforming Data into Strategic Value for Business Schools

It is by now a broadly shared consensus in our community: The future of business school management is digital and, in this context, working effectively with data will be crucial for navigating business schools into the future.

EFMD GN offers in partnership with Academ by RimaOne the workshop

Smart Data Management

Transforming Data into Strategic Value for Business Schools

Smart Data Management (SDM) supports business school executives in all dimensions of their work from strategising, stakeholder reporting, accreditation and risk management to managing every facet of business school operations such as faculty performance management and degree provision.

We invite business school executives with responsibility for their school’s data management to join us in Paris on 4-5 April 2019 for an in-depth and hands-on training to learn about the state-of-the-art of SDM. The workshop will be hosted by ESCP on its Montparnasse Campus.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to:

  • Become familiar with the strategic value of SDM in the context of quality assurance, accreditation and institutional advancements, as well as the pitfalls and potential drawbacks;
  • learn how to design a sustainable data management ecosystem;
  • learn from the example of a triple crown school how an effective SDM system can be designed and integrated into the institutional long-term strategy;
  • network with peers and join the emerging SDM community within EFMD GN.

The workshop will be facilitated by experts in the field: Benjamin Stévénin, CEO and creator of ACADEM, the leading data management platform for business schools, as well as Isabelle Fagnot, Director of Quality, Accreditation & Rankings and Professor of Information Systems at AUDENCIA, and Wilfred Mijnhardt, Policy Director at Rotterdam School of Management.

We invite you to visit our event page to learn more about this exciting offer. Spaces are limited, so please register at your earliest convenience.