Getting Executive Education right – the right provider, the right budget, the right result

The Executive Education Service Pack (ExEd Service Pack) is the first independent and objective analysis of the Executive Education market, coupled with a unique database that gives access to more than 100 speakers/faculty staff/coaches who work as an adjunct, affiliate or freelance for the top business schools worldwide.

The 90-page report provides a market overview and examines the unique selling propositions, business models and rankings of all three types of providers: business schools, training institutes and individual trainers. It also contains decision-making matrices to help prospective purchasers find the right training and trainer for their particular needs. In addition, the report features 17 interviews with different stakeholders: client organizations (e.g. Deutsche Telekom, Bombardier Transportation), business schools (e.g. IESE, IMD), training institutes (e.g. Korn Ferry Hay, McKinsey Academy), individual trainers and other experts (e.g. EFMD, Training Industry).

The database of individual speakers who work for the world’s top business schools is searchable by subject, industry and language of delivery – and, crucially, provides contact email addresses so that they can be booked directly. This is a valuable tool for those companies that have decided to work outside a business school or training institute, but that want to minimize the risk in using new trainers/speakers. It is also a useful resource for business schools and other training providers in their quest to find great teachers for their clients in geographies or disciplines where they themselves have a limited presence.

“The market for Executive Education is increasingly complex and therefore difficult for many companies to understand,” says Dr. Franziska Frank, who has developed the product. “The Executive Education Service Pack provides an overview, helps people to identify the right development program, allows them to negotiate better due to an improved understanding of the providers’ respective business models, and affords direct access to proven speakers via the database. The comprehensive nature of the ExEd Service Pack goes far beyond what you could find from an internet search.”  

HR decision-makers face many choices when it comes to Executive Education – not least because close co-operation between client organizations and providers is becoming increasingly common in the development of programs. “In my view, in the future there is no way around co-creation with the customer,” says Christina Schulte-Kutsch, Vice-President Leadership Development & Culture at Deutsche Telekom. Finding the right organization to partner with requires excellent market knowledge and an understanding of different business models. Who is the best provider for co-creation and who generally provides the most appropriate programs for executives? Is it business schools, training institutes, management consultants, executive search consultants or individual trainers? The Executive Education Pack has the answers to these questions – and more.

The pack provides valuable guidance to Learning and Development professionals (in both SMEs and large corporations) who are new to Executive Education, while allowing experts to test their assumptions and develop their knowledge using the decision matrices. Both groups can benefit from the world’s first database that provides direct access to more than 100 top speakers and coaches.

Jan Ginneberge, Senior Advisor at EFMD sums it up: “The more informed an organization is about what is possible in the Executive Education marketplace, the more empowered it will be to choose the right provider for different needs and the better it is likely to be at the all-important co-creation.”

The 90-page ExEd Service Pack, including access to the database, retails at €499 and is available in English and German on the following website A Russian version will be available soon.