The impact of the corporate learning function of Grupo Santander was recognized by a CLIP re-accreditation. We are extending our warm congratulations!

The Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) is a unique accreditation run by EFMD that focuses on identifying the key factors that determine quality in the design and functioning of corporate universities and learning organisations.

Martin Moehrle, Associate Director, Corporate Services, who leads the CLIP process at EFMD, shared his delight on behalf of EFMD: “EFMD is very pleased that Santander Group Global Knowledge & Development (SGKD) has successfully gone through the CLIP re-accreditation. We were particularly impressed by how the Leadership Academy functions as a tool to accelerate Santander’s transformation and by a highly effective Global Knowledge Governance within a decentralized organization design. What struck us particularly was the strong internal positioning of SGKD, the rapid development and determined implementation of a new corporate learning strategy as well as the effective co-creation. We congratulate SGKD for this achievement and look forward to witness their continued contribution to the CLIP community.”

Elisabetta Galli from Grupo Santander commented: “At Santander we pursue excellence and continuous improvement, putting our customers (internal and external) at the centre. We have developed the attitude of celebrating our achievements and success, but never being satisfied, always looking at the next challenge. In this cultural context, the CLIP certification process ensures us to get an external insight–from highly professional and competent people–to stay on track, validate our improvements and focus on our development areas. Our recent CLIP re-certification process has been a very positive and enriching experience that I would highly recommend to all the organizations.”

The CLIP assessment process covers all the essential dimensions of the corporate university’s deployment within the company: the alignment of its mission and operational objectives with corporate strategy, the effectiveness of its governance and internal management systems, its ability to address key issues of concern to the business units, the programme design process, the overall coherence of the programme portfolio, the quality of delivery and the impact of the corporate university’s activities upon individual and organisational learning.

Internal self-assessment against a comprehensive set of rigorous criteria, is combined with external review by experienced peers. CLIP provides value externally and internally for those companies that go through the process. It is a quality certification and therefore has an external marketing value.

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