Enterprising Deans in a Global Context

Sharing and cooperation being among the driving values of EFMD, we continue to create a place where you as global leaders can further develop common principles of management education and thus forge the elite of your institutions.

The theme of the 2019 EFMD Conference for Deans and Directors General is Enterprising Deans in a Global Context.

There is a set of common denominators that tie entrepreneurial individuals together. The qualities encompass having drive, showing initiative, seeing opportunities, taking advantage of them, and being able to adapt.

Furthermore, Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, defines an enterprising person as the one who “sees the future in the present.” The latter undoubtedly holds true about our distinguished speakers, who are constantly on the move and foreseeing the future challenges.

Jianwen Liao of JD.com, China’s second-biggest e-commerce company, and Weiru Chen of Cainiao Network Technology, the official global parcel tracking platform of the world’s biggest e-commerce retailer Alibaba, will explain why they both decided to leave their positions as faculty members of top Chinese business schools to become Chief Strategy Officers in these influential companies.

Furthermore, you will be motivated by the entrepreneurship and business intelligence of Li Shufu, Founder and Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Volvo Cars), acclaimed with awards such as “Top 10 Private Sector Entrepreneurs in China,” “Top 10 Philanthropists in China” and “2009 CCTV Top 10 Businessmen of the Year.” He will share his views on what is driving Chinese corporate development.

The challenges of today are shaping the approaches which you will be implementing in the management education. You are forming the future of the business education and this conference will give you a unique opportunity to discuss the impact of the changing world economic order on business schools. You will also discuss with your peers about the best ways to steer your institution in the right direction.

The intensive programme of the 2019 Conference for Deans and Directors General will present, among others, the strategies that businesses need to pursue to respond to the results of foreign investment and to tackle a successful merge of different cultures in the long run.

The local topics will be addressed in two plenary sessions, one of which will focus on the drivers of development of Chinese companies and the other on the current advancement of the education in China.

Deans from business schools will examine the present state of recruitment and development of faculty in Asia, discuss the advantages of being part of a business school alliance and explore the value added of a more systematic approach to professional development.

For those who are interested, the first and the last day of the conference will be dedicated to the latest developments of EFMD accreditations. The EFMD Quality Services Team will not only report on the current status of the accreditations but also present the benefits for schools going through the accreditation, certification or mentoring process.

Do not miss out and join us at CEIBS in China on 21-22 January! For further information, please visit our website and register online in order to meet your peers from the executive management*.


*Please note that this conference is by invitation only, for those with chief executive (top management) responsibility and authority in EFMD member business schools and centres. In other words, we accept only the Dean of the school, the Director General, the President, the Rector, the Managing Director of the school itself. Directors of non-member schools can be invited at the discretion of the organisers.