In order to measure its contribution to the development of the Haute-Savoie, Savoie, and French Genevois region, IAE Savoie Mont Blanc went through an innovative impact study: the Business School Impact System (BSIS). BSIS, run as a joint venture between EFMD Global Network and FNEGE, identifies the tangible and intangible benefits that a school brings to its local environment, including financial, economic, societal and image dimensions of impact.

With a financial impact evaluated to €116.2 million per year, IAE Savoie Mont Blanc confirms its role within the local ecosystem and proves to be one of the business schools with the highest ratio of financial impact per student.

Its impact on the local economy extends, among other things, through internships, work-study contracts and missions, representing more than 180 800 hours of work every year, thus a €4 million input to business development. In this respect, and thanks to its unique partnership with “Le Club des Entreprises,” IAE offers numerous collaboration opportunities to local economic players.

IAE also puts entrepreneurship at the heart of its training, and in five years, graduates have launched 47 new businesses and took over 8 local businesses. This brings real economic growth and innovation to the region. In the last ten years, more than 1600 masters graduates have chosen to stay and work in Savoie.

IAE Savoie Mont Blanc also encourages academic research through its IREGE lab, having produced 276 intellectual contributions in 3 years. A large part of the research addresses themes linked to the region, including environmental choices, innovation and mountain tourism, showing once more the important link between the school and its impact zone.

Thanks to its large offer of high quality courses, IAE has become an important player in the higher education field in the region, with 2000 students per year, including 20% foreigners. IAE is in touch with 108 schools abroad and recently got the EPAS accreditation for its EMBS Master, revealing its strong focus on internationalisation.

“Beyong our academic purposes, the BSIS highlights our importance on the local economy, our image on a national and international scale and the importance of our research,” explains Claire Salmon, the director of IAE Savoie Mont Blanc.

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About the Business School Impact System

The Business School Impact System (BSIS) scheme is designed to determine the extent of a school’s impact upon its local environment – the city or region in which it is located. The scheme was initially designed by FNEGE (the French National Foundation for Management Education) and is already well established in the French higher education arena.

The BSIS process has been adapted for an international audience and is now offered in a joint venture between EFMD Global Network and FNEGE as a service to EFMD members in any part of the world.

To learn more about BSIS, please visit the BSIS webpage here.