European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
Call for Experts: Expert Monitor Group for cPPPs
Deadline – Tuesday 27 March 2018

The European Commission is looking for experts to be part of an Expert Group to monitor, review and give feedback on the reporting process of 10 associations of contractual public-private partnerships (cPPPs)*.

In order to report on the overall impact of all the cPPPs a common set of common key performance indicators (KPIs) have been developed in 4 distinct areas*. The European Commission is looking for expertise related to the 4 KPIs in the following areas:

  1. Public-private investment in R&D: Mobilised private investments: To understand and capture level of industrial engagement within a given cPPP, including actual expenditure related to individual projects
  2. New skills/jobs profiles resulting (directly or indirectly) from R&D result deployment: To understand how job profiles and skills are being created and developed within the activities of the cPPP (directly or indirectly from the cPPPs’ R&D deployment). Giving explanations on impact on job creation beyond individual projects would be a particular asset.
  3. Impact of a cPPP on SMEs. To understand the impact of partnerships (with large industry) on R&D effect on SMEs
  4. Identification and assessment of significant innovations. To understand and assess the technological outputs of cPPPs

Main tasks: Assess that the content of the annual progress monitoring report complies with requirements; assess the KPIs and their suitability; and assess the suitability of the reports for publication aiming to extend the target audience.

Methodology: Work will be mainly based of desk research. The Commission will provide all necessary information and be in charge of any requests to the cPPPs. One lead monitor expert will be the main contact to the group, coordinate the discussions of the group, and will ensure adequate and efficient distribution of the work.

Expected timeline: kick-off meeting in May 2018, interim draft opinion by mid-June 2018, after reaction from the cPPPs a final assessment report will be submitted by end of July/beginning August. Two other meetings may take place in Brussels, in addition to teleconferences.

If you are interested please contact Nadine BURQUEL and end a curriculum vitae outlining your expertise in themes related to the above (, Telephone +32 2 629 08 39, Mobile +32 497 381 024)

*The cPPPs concerned are: Factories of the Future, Energy-efficient Buildings, European Green Vehicles Initiative, Sustainable Process Industry, 5G Infrastructure, Robotics, Photonics, High Performance Computing, Big Data Value, and Cybersecurity.
**These are in addition to other KPIs related to individual projects.