The BSIS report reveals that, in 2017, the iaelyon School of Management had an Impact of 357 million on the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. That represents a 38% increase compared to 2012, when the school first went through the process, during the pilot phase of the Business School Impact System. The report also shows other positive impacts of the School on the region.

The report shows that the important financial contribution of the iaelyon to the region is a result of far-reaching endeavours of the School. This includes the expenses of international visitors coming for conferences and seminars, of students renting flats, buying food or going out in the city, the use of regional services providers by the School, just to name a few.

In 2017, the iaelyon participated in the creation of the equivalent of 734 full time-jobs through internships, work-study contracts and voluntary work, showcasing the School’s contribution to the development of the regional businesses and local associations.

The report also proves the increasing visibility the School provides to the city of Lyon and the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, thanks to a large press coverage – 632 mentions in 2017.

The School’s intellectual impact is also underlined by the report. In 2017, 203 events and conferences were organised and the School released in 725 research and publications, increasing the region’s reputation and global reach.

Jérôme Rive, General Director of the iealyon School of Management appreciated the the BSIS study results: “I was impressed by this innovative approach that enabled the iaelyon to highlight new impacts that complement the traditional measurement tools included in national or international accreditations schemes.”

He also emphasized three key benefits of BSIS:

  • The report can be used externally to demonstrate to the regional authorities and other stakeholders how the School’s activities benefit the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the city of Lyon.
  • Internally, it is a great tool to showcase and encourage the involvement and the contribution of the iealyon’s teams.
  • The results offer an opportunity to communicate with a new angle to the media, the students and the strategic partners.

The report is available in French here.

About the Business School Impact System
The Business School Impact System (BSIS) scheme is designed to determine the extent of a school’s impact upon its local environment – the city or region in which it is located.

The BSIS is offered in a joint venture between EFMD Global Network and FNEGE as a service to EFMD members in any part of the world.

To learn more about BSIS, please visit the BSIS website here.